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Hempcrete Wall Section Fire Resistance Demo

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Ever wish you could live in an Eco-friendly, Nature Based, Healthy,
Sustainable, Fire Resistant, Mold Resistant, and Carbon Neutral Home?

Known as the GlynRaven Gardens Hempcrete House.
We have the complete building plans!
See the 3D Renderings!

California's First Hempcrete ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
You can actually buy the plans to build this 620 sq. ft. ADU

See the real deal Hempcrete Home in Hopland, California.

The future of sustainable housing solutions is here today!

The California Hemp Association / Foundation was on-site during this build as a Sponsor.
We purchased the rights to this design from the Architect.

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California Hemp Association Members Get A Special Offer of 1/3 off!

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